How to wash your sleeping bag?
What does the Reserve button mean?
How will I know that you have received my order?
After you complete the checkout process, you will receive confirmation via email that we have received your order. (Please be sure to enter your email address correctly on the order form so that we can be sure to deliver your confirmation to you.)
How do I place an order?
We strive to make ordering quick and easy as possible. You've browsed our merchandise selections or used Product Search to find what you are looking for. Checkout is even easier. When you've found the item you would like to purchase, click on the “Buy” button on the Product Page to add an item to the Shopping Basket. When you are on the Shopping Basket Page, you can review the entire list of items you have placed in your basket. You can make some changes to your order here, such as changing the quantity for individual items, or removing an item from your basket. If you wish to continue shopping, click the "Continue Shopping" button. Once you have finished adding items to your Shopping Basket and are ready to complete your shopping, you will be asked to select the shipping method. Once you have selected the shipping method, click on the “Proceed to check out” button and you will be prompted for your Personal Information. If you have already made a purchase, you just have to enter your Last name and Email, your Personal Information are already saved. If you are a New Customer, you just have to fill the Personal Information Form: First Name, Last Name, Email, City, Post Code, State, Province and your Phone. The country is already detected by your computer's IP address in order to avoid common mistakes in your Shipping Address Country. Please make sure that the Shipping Address Country is the correct one. To change the Shipping Address Country, you need to close the page, open a new page and select the correct country in the top left corner of your computer screen. After providing this information, you will be taken to a form listing your final total and requesting your Payment Information. Once you have provided that data, you will receive an order Confirmation on screen, and another confirmation via email.
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