Outwell Footprint Lindale 3PA Tent 2022

Protect your tent groundsheet and insulate against the cold with this custom-shaped footprint for your Outwell Lindale 3PA Tent 2021.

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This handy footprint will keep the groundsheet of your tent clean and help protect it from abrasion and damage. It will also provide insulation from the cold ground. The footprint should be entirely covered by the tent to prevent rain from being channelled under the floor and so is cut slightly smaller than the tent so no excess fabric pokes out.


One of the most useful things about a family tent footprint is that it helps you when pitching the tent. How? Well, the tent footprint comes with pegs to hold it down, once it is pegged down it acts as a guide allowing you to see how the tent will go on your pitch and makes adjusting it easier to get the right setup for the doors, leaving enough space for guylines etc.

  • Provides protection from abrasion and damage
  • Provides insulation from the cold ground
  • Makes pitching the tent more easily
  • Cut to fit the groundfloor of the tent
  • Material: Double-coated 100% Polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head        
  • Size: 345 cm x 230 cm
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Outwell Footprint Lindale 3PA Tent 2022
Outwell Footprint Lindale 3PA Tent 2022