Outwell Spike Steel Pegs Glow

The Outwell Spike Glow Tent Pegs are great for upgrading or replacing your tent pegs, and are ideal to use in harder ground.

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Because you never know when you might need a replacement, Outwell's replacement tent pegs are useful spares to have in your bag. The Spike Glow Peg Steel is 25 cm in length, with a black plastic luminous top, great in harder ground conditions.


Made exclusively to Outwell’s exacting standards for best possible performance out in the field, this serious peg is ideal for hard ground conditions and for anchoring big or family sized tents. Solid and durable and able to penetrate hard, rocky and compacted ground.


Supplied as a pack of 4.

  • Luminous
  • 4 pieces      
  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 25 cm
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Outwell Spike Steel Pegs Glow
Outwell Spike Steel Pegs Glow