Slackers Slackline Classic set 15 meters

The Slackers Slackline Classic is a sturdy slackline, which makes balance and concentration training possible combined with a lot of fun. The slackline features a high loadability (up to 360 kg) and comes with a teaching line for fast and secure learning of the first steps on the slackline.

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Slacklining is the ideal outdoor activity for almost everyone, for young and old: it strengthens equilibrium and balance, it also strengthens the deep muscles that are so important for stabilization, it helps improve posture and body control, it promotes the ability to concentrate and playfully overcomes fears. 


The new all-round slackline "Classic" from Slackes USA is the ideal slackline for children, young people, families and leisure time. This 15 meter long and 5cm wide line impresses with good workmanship and sewing, but above all with the practical teaching line, that is inlcluded in the set. This second, thinner ratchet strap is stretched as a handrail at chest height or overhead (approx. 1.5 -2 meters above the main line) and enables easy and safe balancing and learning to slackline. With this clever invention, parents have to run alongside the children to give them a hand.


The main line offers high flexibility and load weight (up to 150 kg). Setting the Slackers slackline is easy and fast thanks to the solid metal ratchet with plastic handle, stitched loop and ratchet protection sleeve. The set also includes a robust carrying bag for the slack and teaching line, so you can take them everywear with you. This slackline complies with the DIN 79400 standard for slackline systems and has been tested accordingly.

  • Sturdy slackline for children and adults
  • Includes 15 m teaching line for quick and safe learning of slacklining
  • Sturdy metal ratchet
  • Includes carrying bag for slack and teaching line, bag and instructions
  • High loadability
  • Max. user-weight - Slackers Slackline Classic incl. handrail: 150 kg
  • Ages: +5 years
  • Set up time: 15 minutes
  • Min. Tree diameter: 30 cm
  • Max. height: 50 cm
  • Size main line: 15 m long x 5 cm width 
  • Size teaching line (hand rope): 15 m long
  • Load capacity: 360 kg
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Slackers Slackline Classic set 15 meters
Slackers Slackline Classic set 15 meters