About us

CampingRocks.bg was lauched in July of 2010 as a specialized webpage for all camping, mountain and outdoor enthusiasts. Our project has two main objectives, offering the best and most reliable outdoor equipment on the market and helping develop the camping culture among Bulgarians and also people from all around the world. 


At CampingRocks.bg you can find the best international brands (Outwell, Coleman, Bergans of Norway, Trimm, Sea to Summit and others) for a great variety of outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, hiking, kayaking, biking, fishing and many more. You can also read about different tips and tricks, as well as where to go camping.


Our main goals are:

  • To offer our clients new and easy to use methods of finding and selecting the required outdoor gear by improving constantly our web store;
  • To expand the range of products in order to enable our clients to quickly and easily find the most suitable equipment for their needs, no mather their level of experience;
  • To guarantee the best possible customer service by ensuring fast delivery and kind and full explanation to all possible questions;
  • To support the development and promotion of family camping and outdoor activities; 
  • To create interest among children in camping holidays and outdoor games;
  • To help reunite people with nature, away from the daily stress, work, computers, television, etc.;


Enjoy the Outdoors with CampingRocks.bg!