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Coghlans Flint Striker

This ferro-cerrium fire-starting tool lasts for thousands of strikes! Pushing the striker provided down the rod emits sparks to light combustibles.

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Use the Coghlan's® Flint Striker to start your fire out in the wild. Perfect for camping and backpacking, this ferro-cerrium tool lasts for thousands of strikes. It's fireproof in solid form, and will work in any weather conditions and at any altitude. Simply push the striker down the road to emit sparks to light your combustible material.

Includes handle, striker, fire-starter rod and cord.

  • Lasts for thousands of strikes
  • For use in any weather or altitude
  • Works just as well when wet
  • Includes handle, striker, fire starter, rod and cord
  • Total length: 10.5cm
  • Diameter of rod: 8mm
  • Length of rod: 7.5cm
  • Spark temperature: apr. 3000°C
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Coghlans Flint Striker
Coghlans Flint Striker