Nitecore NWS10 Titanium Emergency Whistle

Nitecore's NWS10 Emergency Whistle is made from a single piece of ultra-lightweight and made of titanium alloy, this product has a stylish design suitable even for use as a neck chain and produces powerful 120 dB sound. The NWS10 Emergency Whistle is extremely suitable for mountaineering, hiking, kayaking or just for your personal safety.

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Nitecore's NWS10 is the loudest emergency whistle on the market.


You can effortlessly produce 120 decibel sound with this emergency whistle. Made of titanium alloy, NWS10 is durable, lightweight and compact. You can put on your keychain or hang around the neck. Ideal for boating, scuba diving, hikers and personal safety. Widely used by Security, Military, Police, and crime prevention units.

  • Light and slim emergency whistle 
  • Maximum sound intensity of 120 decibels
  • Portable and ultra lightweight
  • Constructed from polished TC4 titanium alloy for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Biocompatible, nontoxic to humans
  • Corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable
  • Single chambered design emits a high pitched frequency for further distance
  • Utilizes a precision Teflon resonator, high or low temperature-resistant
  • Works in wet or dry conditions
  • Maximum sound intensity: 120 decibels
  • Dimensions: 52 × 7 × 7 mm
  • Weight: 4.7 grams
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Nitecore NWS10 Titanium Emergency Whistle
Nitecore NWS10 Titanium Emergency Whistle