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Primus CoffeeTea Press for Lite and Lite+

The Primus Coffee/Tea Press is a quick and easy way to make your favorite hot beverage with the Primus Lite and Lite Plus Stove System.

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The Primus Coffee/Tea press allows you to enjoy a cup of delicious freshly pressed coffee or tea outdoors.


This Primus press is made to fit the Primus Lite and Lite Plus Stove System. It is easy to use and clean and you can store assembled in the pot or dismantle for ease of packing with all the other stove accessories.

  • Compact and lightweight press for preparing fresh press coffee or tea outdoors
  • Fits Primus Lite & Lite Plus Stove Systems
  • Cannot be used alone
  • Light to carry and easy to use
  • Material: PP-plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Size:  11 cm x 9 cm (Height x Diameter)
  • Weight: 40 g
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Primus CoffeeTea Press for Lite and Lite+
Primus CoffeeTea Press for Lite and Lite+