Primus Piezo Igniter

The Primus Piezo Igniter is a small and convenient gaget that allows you to fire up all kinds of gas and gasoline stoves, barbecues and stoves.

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To avoid the hassle of dealing with matches that break and lighters that go out in windy weather, Primus has created the Piezo igniter. Fire with a simple click of a button. So no matter how windy the weather, you can keep your hands at a safe distance from the flame. The design of the igniter allows you can use it wearing gloves.


With the help of the Primus Piezo Igniter you can quickly and easily ignite all types of gas and petrol stove, barbecues and lanterns.

  • Piezo igniter for gas stoves and lanterns
  • Compact pocket size and minimum weight
  • Works in wet and windy weather
  • Easy to use, can also be used when using gloves
  • Size: 9.8 cm (length) x 1.2 cm (diameter)
  • Weight: 12 g.
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Primus Piezo Igniter
Primus Piezo Igniter