Robens Dixie Axe 14'

The Robens Dixie Axe 14" is a practical Great wilderness axe, suitable for chopping small logs and kindling for fire. Easy to carry and handle, this axе has a medium length lightweight handle and forged carbon steel head with PTFE coating for low friction and rust protection.

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The Dixie Axe 14" is a practical wilderness axe from Robens with very strong glass fiber-reinforced nylon handle - perfect in the wilderness as it does not absorb water and stays lightweight. It is easy to carry and easy to hang up.


The Dixie Axе 14" has a low weight (650 g) and a medium length handle (28 cm) and offers an excellent balance between head and handle for a safe, comfortable and efficient use. This Robens axe is an excellent addition to the equipment of any adventurer, camper, hunter or fishermen, especially those who camp in the wilderness.

  • Great wilderness axe
  • Very strong glass-filled nylon handle - will not absorb water and decreases the weight
  • Sharp forged carbon steel with PTFE coating for low friction and improved rust protection
  • Handle with full length TPR inlay for improved grip and multiple ways to hold the axe
  • Handle with hole for cord or for storage
  • Sheath with carry handle
  • Material: Glass-filled nylon / forged carbon steel
  • Size: 36 x 2 x 12 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 650 g
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Robens Dixie Axe 14'
Robens Dixie Axe 14'