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Robens Wood Stake 30 cm

The Robens Wood Stake are 30 cm spare pegs made from hard wood that provide an excellent choice for stabilizing tents, awnings and sheds in soft soil and sand.

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The Wood Stake pegs from Robens are extremely stable and strong, while at the same time are light with a weight of 34 grams per peg.


Made of hard wood and with a triangular profile and a length of 30 cm, these Robens pegs are particularly suitable for securing a tent in loose, sandy terrain or soft soil.


The Wood Stake set set includes six wooden pegs, each with a hook for easier removal.

  • Lightweight
  • Usage: Perfect for sand/loose soil
  • Hook top for easy removal from the ground
  • Retro style, great for cotton tents
  • Material: Hard wood
  • Size: 30 cm
  • Weight: 34 g/pcs.
  • Content: 6 pcs. set
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Robens Wood Stake 30 cm
Robens Wood Stake 30 cm