Bergans Raincover L Red 75-130L

Keep hiking in a downpour knowing your pack and its contents will stay dry. The super light Raincover from Bergans does the job with minimal packing volume.

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The Bergans Raincover L is very lightweight and at the same time highly durable. Made to cover different types of hiking packs, it will provide 100% water protection even in the most adverse weather conditions. The Raincover size L will cover best backpacks with a fill volume of 75 to 130 L.

  • Made of polyurethane-coated nylon
  • Contoured for modern packs
  • Compact packed away size when not in use 
  • Size: Back Packs 75 - 130 L
  • Weight: 117 g
  • Size: Back Packs 75 - 130 L
  • Weight: 117 g
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Bergans Raincover L Red 75-130L
Bergans Raincover L Red 75-130L